Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dad's Blog

I have started a number of blogs, as there is a lot on my mind.  Life has been hectic and I need to write about it somewhere.  

In the meantime many of you know my dad and his talents in photography.  Well for years our whole family has been bugging him to publish his pictures somewhere.  Thanks to my cousin Cathy he has a blog.  It really is something I hope all of you take a look at.  He is extremely talented and has some amazing pictures.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="483" caption="My dad took this shot of us a couple years ago at Lake Powell"]My dad took this shot of us a couple years ago at Lake Powell[/caption]



Here's his blog.


Check it out and leave comments on his pictures.  I'm sure he'd love to hear what you all think of his photographs.


  1. Pretty good pics that your dad has. Is he going to start selling them? Also I was sad to hear about your sad news. I am really sorry.

  2. Mikey,
    You know how I love it when people open up. I felt your pain through that and I felt your hope. I too was very inspired by that talk. I have been on the same downward spiral of a staircase. It's no fun. I have not had the magnitude of trials that you and your sweet wife have had, but I do understand the feeling of despair. Satan is just that good isn't he? I do however remember in another talk (Saturday Morn, I don't remember who...Hales, maybe) said, "Opposition brings opportunity." I loved that. Aren't we all like the stones in the river constantly being tossed and smoothed? You and and your family will be so much stronger with these trials. God must love you sooooo incredibly much and He must have a great work for you to do.
    That post was very inspiring for me. Thank you for sharing it.
    You are a very talented writer.

    See you on the upward climb.