Saturday, August 8, 2009

That positive post that was promised...

If you have read the last few posts I've written, you probably think I am one depressed son of a gun. I want to assure you that's not the case. I had a struggle for a while fighting a losing battle to keep a job that provided for the fam and stimulated the mind. Also the health stuff had finally broken me for a while. But since those "down days" I realize just how good things are. So the next few posts will be about those things that are good in my life.

Today it's all about Karie: She's perfect. The day...or days I called her to let her know I was going to be let go, she was nothing but supportive. She was even excited for me to have the opportunity to go back to school and get into something I want to do. She never has a negative thing to say to me. She has been patient through all of my kidney stones, migraines, being the bishop, and now losing a job for the first time. She still looks at me as if she has won a prize (though I don't see it). I know that I have hit the jackpot when it comes to her. She is beautiful, understanding and just a tad shorter than me. :) This song by Nellie McKay called "Face of a Faith" is how I think we see each other...if you don't listen to another song on this blog listen to this one!

Nellie McKay - Face of a Faith