Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Sad News

I may write more about my thoughts and feelings on this later, but they are somewhat tender right now so we'll see.

Many of you know Karie and I have been very excited about our news that we were expecting our first baby in March.  Well unfortunately this week on Wednesday, we found out that we have had a miscarriage.  We found this out the same afternoon my Grandma J passed away.  

We are heartbroken about this news but trying to stay positive.  The only reason I'm posting this here is it's much easier to let people know this way, than it is in person. Also thank you to everyone who has offered their support, through emails, flowers, etc.  It means a lot to know you're there.

We will also miss our Grandma J.  I'll try to write a short tribute to her on here soon, but I know she is much more comfortable right now.

A few one line memories of Granny J:

Taffy cookies, Steal the Pile, Coke, Readers digest Jokes, Fiery Red Hair, Christmas Morning, the Charleston, the Lumina (aka IrmaJ) and so many more.



The quote I used at Granny J's funeral

"Though otherwise a “lively” attribute, hope stands quietly with us at funerals. Our tears are just as wet, but not because of despair. Rather, they are tears of heightened appreciation evoked by poignant separation. Those tears of separation change, ere long, becoming tears of glorious anticipation." - Elder Neal A. Maxwell Hope through the Atonement of Jesus Christ


  1. I'm sorry to hear this. The baby thing is a challenge. I know it's emotional and I'm sorry Karie!
    My grandma passed away last week too, never easy even when you know it's their time.
    I hope you guys pull through this rough week- you are great people!

  2. Dear Mikey and Karie,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Kristin and I went through the same experience a couple months ago, right before our vacation. It is a very difficult experience to go through, and nearly as difficult to explain the loss. I know that we felt as though we had lost the world, yet we had never met this little one.

    We may never know why God gives us the trials that He gives to us, but we can be assured of His love, and we can choose to find ways to strengthen ourselves and others through our experience.

    I love you guys and I hope that things make a turn for the better.