Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Looking for a new...old car.

I just copied this over from Karie's blog...she said it so well...


We're cursed! I don't know what it is, but every summer that Mikey & I have been married we have had major car problems. This summer has proven to not disappoint. Our lovely '95 Ford Taurus has been over-heating, so we took it in to see what the damages were. We were expecting a repair of maybe $500 & we figured that was on the high side. Oh no. That was the low side. If we choose to repair our lovely "Darwin" (named after the previous owner), it will cost us over $1000! :( So now we're to the questions of "Is it really worth it? Or should we just put that money into a more reliable car?"

So, we're just putting it out there just in case, but if any of you know someone who is looking to sell a decently-working car, we might be interested! We just need something to get around town. So really, if you know anyone, let me know! Thanks!

(Not that it really matters, but this isn't a picture of our actual Darwin. It's a picture of his cousin I found on Google. Darwin is a "lovely" sky blue.)

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