Thursday, June 5, 2008

Heeeeeere's Jamie Lidell

I know I've totally been a slacker in the blog department (which is why Karie will likely be starting a family update blog at some point) but, I decided I'd take a minute today and post a couple new songs. Just to get back in the habit of it.

Check out Jamie Lidell if you're looking to funkify your music collection. His music feels a bit like a throwback to me, a little funk, a little soul, and a little bit of that "I can't hold still while this song is on" type of music.

This was the first song that got me interested in Jamie about a year and a half ago when Karie and I went on our trip to California. Since then he's released some new tunes which are also a lot of fun.

The song that recently helped me rediscover his tunes is called, "Another Day." The video is a bit strange, but all in all is pretty fun.

I'll be curious to see if anyone can name the Michael Jackson music video which seems to have had at least some influence on this video...

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