Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Our song"

Most couples have a song.  A song that either defines their relationship, sparks the memory of their courtship, or activates those familiar butterflies in their stomach.  Karie and I are no different, our song is Come Away With Me by Norah Jones. Nearly every time I hear this song I'm taken back in my mind to the place where it first clicked for Karie and me.  We were driving home from a Jazz game, it was one of our first dates probably our second real date, date.  Our relationship was fresh and just developing but I couldn't get over how comfortable we were together.  We already felt like a couple. No drama, no analyzing every move, it was just instinctual.  I had never had that before. I don't remember if we were listening to a Norah Jones CD or if it was just a mix that happened to have that song on it, but I remember clearly we were in my old Chevy Lumina (that was previously owned by my grandma) holding hands when it came on and we both felt the spark.Us on our wedding day!

Since then Karie and I have Volumes...and no I am not exaggerating of songs that we claim as our own.  When I have time I may write something up about all of them.  The most recent of these however was discovered just yesterday. It's by an artist named TJ McCloud (formerly of the band Stephan Speaks). He has a new album out that is all Love songs called "Long Live Love"

TJ McCloud - Long Live Love

The latest addition to the list of "Our Songs" is a song called "Another Day In Love". You can listen to it here on his website.  It's the second song on his music player and you'll have to hunt for it a little but trust me it's well worth it.  Rarely has a song ever articulated how I view my marriage with Karie like this one did.

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think. Also, feel free to post in the comments what your song with your significant other is. We're always looking to add to our collection!

Bonus song: from TJ's old band Stephan Speaks called, Out of My League


  1. Yippeeee! Another fellow blogger! I was totally nervous to start my blog too, but Mandy and Rachel talked me into it. I love to hear all of your different music - and I'm so glad that you did this because I always hear Kerry's music and am jealous. She told me you run her ipod, and I'm a big fan. I hope all is well with you. Take care! - amy

  2. Love the blog! Pictures are always good too. I love that you're such a hopeless romantic at heart. I thought I was bad with the songs- every Valentine's Day I make a playlist of songs that describe Greg and I's relationship, but it's only once a year. You'll have to hook me up with more material, and I'll do the same for you. Great minds think alike, hey maybe we should be friends or something!
    PS- St. Patty's Day BBQ on the 17th, look for an evite sometime in the next day or two!

  3. Thanks for the post! The CD is still new and fresh- we are excited to see it spread- thanks for the help!
    So glad you liked Another day in Love- may your love for each other only deepen.
    BTW- I love your blog- lots of great music on here- I just bought lady danville upon your recommendation.
    Thanks and God bless-