Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shaun Barrowes = Michael Buble with a little soul

Shaun is another local artist I really like. Karie and I first heard him when he opened for Benton Paul at a little concert here in Provo.  Really he is one of the locals that is going places.  He was on American Idol last year and made it to the semi finals, but just missed the cut to perform on Live TV.  It's a shame because I think if America would have had a chance to vote he would have gone pretty far.   This clip is a sampling of his style.  What do you guys think?  If you're looking for a favorite to download my personal favorite is "When I Take Your Hand"  It's one of those songs that sounds like it's been around for years.  Enjoy!

When I Take Your Hand

Montage (Great Quality)

Ain't No Sunshine

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