Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Indie Music (Female Singers)

I'm certain that one of the counselors in our bishopric would immediately take away a man card from me for this next post. He gave me a hard time for liking American Idol, so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be impressed with a post all about Acoustic/Indie-type female singers. We'll go for it anyways though. I'm not sure what it is but there's just something about music that is more about the lyrics and mood, than all the production and dance floor ready stuff. I've never been partial to (though part of me enjoys) the typical female pop star. It all sounds the same, they just plug in a new powerful voice and pretty face and there's your new pop star. These artists don't fall into that category for me. They all have unique and recognizable voices with character. They have the kind of voices that you hear for a couple of second and can say, "Oh (insert name here) sings this!" Let me know who your favorite is.

Katie Herzig

I only recently came across Katie Herzig, and she's grown on me fast. Her music feels like summer, and is bound to relax you.

Priscilla Ahn

I had a buddy introduce me to her, but that was over a year ago. She has a clear voice and her songs are smart. She's releasing an album her in the next month or two so look for her to become popular soon.

Tristan Prettyman

Karie and I saw her about two years ago when we went to see Ben Taylor in Park City. It doesn't translate on her albums but when we saw her live she sounded like Joni Mitchell was singing Jason Mraz type tunes. Her new Album comes out this week, and I think it will be her coming out party. She's great and is primed for pop success.


A bit different, but I love it. Her lyrics are creative and her sound is unique.

Debra Fotheringham

She's a local artist here in Utah, and we discovered her music when we went to see Benton Paul (Who also is amazing) at a house show in Provo. She's very skilled on the guitar, and again is awesome live. She has a song called "You Are Truth" that in my opinion would be a hit if Norah Jones had it on an album. Debra sings it well, the only reason I say that is Norah already has a following so people would pay more attention to it.

Missy Higgins

Watch out for Missy Higgins. Again it's only a matter of time before she pulls a Colbie Caillet and is all over the radio here.

Ingrid Michaelson

She's already made it, but you should check out some of her other tunes, because she's actually pretty good all around.

Regina Spektor

She's had a period of success already. She, like Feist is very unique, and her lyrics are amazing. She's extremely creative you won't be disappointed.

Nellie Mckay

She's another Norah Jones type singer. Only most of her tunes are very sarcastic and dark. You'd never know it unless you listen to the lyrics though. She has a couple good positive songs, but for the most part her songs are cynical.

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  1. I cannot speak for all of these. I will have to try them out first. Feist and Missy Higgins are on the list of artists I just cannot like. I am not really impressed with the vocal quality of either. I think it is one of those things where it really is the voice itself that bothers me. I am not saying I could sing it any better, I just would rather not listen to it (at least from the albums I have heard). Conversely I have to say that there is something amazing about Regina Spektor's music. It is definitely female pop, and sometimes I have to question why I would ever even listen to any of this, but it is different in some way.

    Oh, and I think you should get to keep the man card unless you start posting about Hillary Duff or Britney Spears.