Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My wife's song..

Once in a while a song comes along that will stick with you for one reason or another.  The first song like this for me was James Taylor's version of You've Got A Friend. It was the song that truly could always make me feel better.About two weeks ago Jack Johnson released his new album "Sleep Through the Static" I am a huge Jack Johnson fan, so buying this CD was a no brain-er.  It stays true to the chill vibe that initially hooked me to his music. This time however it's the lyrics to some of the songs that make this album as a winner for me.Jack Johnson - Sleep Through the Static

One Song in particular has had that James Taylor effect on me.  The song "Angel" strikes a chord with me.  Anyone who knows me knows that my wife and I have about a billion songs.  I make a play-list every month or so for her of songs that come close to capturing our relationship in the lyrics.  None however have captured my feelings for her like this one.  It's by far my favorite track on the album.  Give it a listen here!

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  1. Any song that's about an Angel should have an asterisk with Karie's name by it.